Tools Technics and More:

Adhesive - UHU For Foil and Foam
Author: Various
Author Email: Various
Specs: Good Adhesive for depron
Material Required: N/A
Downloads available:
Notes: A fast setting contact type cement, that provides a strong, lightweight, flexible bond. Apply to each surface to be bonded, wait about ten minutes, then join pieces. If you need longer working time, apply adhesive, and immediately join pieces into their final position. UHU makes a variety of adhesives. You want to purchase the one marked "For foil and foam". This adhesive is available locally at Michaels Craft Stores. It is also available at RCFOAM.COM.

AeroAce Balancer
Author: Carl T
Author Email: Carl T at RCGroups
Specs: AeroAce Ballancing tool
Material Required: 1/8 - 1/4 inch plywood
Downloads available:
Notes: An easy to make balancing tool.

Building Materials Weight Test
Author: Megabyte-2
Author Email: Megabyte-2 at RCGroups
Specs: Building Material Weight Comparisons
Material Required: N/A
Downloads available:
Notes: A handly reference for comparing construction material weights.

Covering- Acrylic Tape
Author Email:
Specs: Excellent Covering for Depron
Material Required: N/A
Downloads available:
Notes: Acrylic tape offers a nice alternative to airbrushing or perminent markers. When used sparingly the additional weight is worth the finish that is produced. The attached Tape Application Methods Document details out how to do this.

How to Build a Plane
Author: micro_builder
Author Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: Describes aeroace airplane building for beginners
Material Required: Depron or Balsa
Downloads available:
Notes: MicroBuild has provided an excellent guide for beginners on how to build a plane using Aero Ace components. If you have not jumped into building yet, its worth check out. Thanks MicroBuilder!