News Article Headline 02/13/2010
FPV, Micros and More -Updated!

Hello and welcome to the AA Toolbox! The First Person View FPV review has begun. You can read all about it by
going to or check out my blog on I hope you enjoy finding
out about this interesting aspect of the hobby. Enjoy!

Past News:

2010 looks pretty bright for the RC market, with many exciting new products.
This year, besides carrying the regular Toolbox feature that have to do with Silverlit and AeroAce type products, the Toolboxes
are going to try a different approach.

Some of you are already familiar with the Toolbox Reviews Section (\reviews) which highlights new and interesting
products many vendors offer. This year, besides the reviews, a number of "projects" will be featured, which will be updated as each
progresses. Some of the projects on tap for 2010 are:

Building an FPV (First Person View) aircraft from start to finish

FPV is an entirely different aspect of the rc hobby, and many aspects of FPV are very challenging. This project will consist of
all the components you need to do FPV, from the ground station to the aircraft itself and how to make it all work. Vendors from
all aspects of the hobby will be included so stay tuned!

Converting a Gravity Hobbies mini Spitifire

Gravity Hobbies has brought back the old Cox brand warbird series of RC planes as well as these "mini" planes. Many of the
components that are now available today are a perfect fit for these mini's, so we will take a look at what it takes to adapt them.

Again as always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for the Toolbox, please email them to:

Happy flying!

Past News:

F-15 and SU-27 Jets!!

Once upon a time a user name "Selfo" put out some pretty amazing planes. Unfortunately his site is now gone,
but the planes live on, so two of the designs have been brought back to the Toolbox:

Each plane will work with any of the Aeroace /X-twin hardware, from the original Bipe to the jets of today. Enjoy!

FPV coming to X-twins???

With Fall now in full swing, more and more pilots are returning to the indoors, and just in time to see, some rather amazing developments! The word is out that there is now FPV (First Person View) hardware for the X-twin / Aeroace planes, where you can fly your plane from the pilot seat!

The Toolbox is attempting to get further information on this item, and perhaps a review with the designers, so stay tuned!

Platz Pelican by by sci fighter

Hello and welcome to the AA Toolbox! As Summer starts to wind down, and the days grow shorter there is a new "bird" in the air, the Platz Pelican by sci fighter.

If you watch the video, you will see that Sci Fighter's creation floats around in the air quite nicely, and is a real tribute to creativity. He said that he has observed the forum for many years and was happy to contribute. Thanks Sci Fi for sharing!

Judging from all of your emails, (thank you!) its sounds like many of you have had a good deal of fun this summer flying. May the indoor season be just as fun!

Big Easy Sailplane by Astrodavid!

Astrodavid is back with a really nice sailplane. His "Big Easy Sailplane" utilizes AeroAce gear and is
a real beauty!

Dave says "This sailplane is an absolute joy to fly - graceful and responsive. " With summer quickly approaching I am sure many will want to build
one of these for some lazy cruising around the sky. Great work David!

New Products from Silverlit and More!

With the Spring Season in full swing, Silverlit does not disappoint by showing off some new
cool products for 09. Check these out:

I am sure everyone will enjoy these fine new craft!

Jets on a budget? You Believe It!!!
AdBradley of RCGROUPS fame has just released two of his best designs in kit from at his new web site, Nico Hobbies (

Last year I flew one of Adam's design's, his F-22, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the season!

And this year he has just released his new F-15, so I can only imagine how well this one will do!

Each kit is reasonably priced and easy to assemble.

Derik's Tiny Park Flyer

This week Derik drops by with his design, based on the old time Tiny Park Flyer plane! The plane uses the Cessna
Rx and motor:

He says that the plane flies well and turns are clean and crisp. Flight is good with either the stock battery, or using a 50mah cell, such as the PicooZ
heli cell. Great work Derik, and thank you for the submision!

Micro Puddle Jumper by derJuf

DerJuf just keeps the amazing works of art coming with his latest, the Micro Puddle Jumper, just in time for

Autogyro V2 by Fred Rash

His build is based off of Roland Merk's design who created the original 80cm version.

New Autogyro by Fred Rash

Autogyro's are such interesting craft, and this week, we have an updated version from Fred Rash. Fred's original
was posted some time ago, and this updated version uses an "AL foot" style rotor.

Autogyro V2 by Fred Rash

He says: Typical flight times per charge are 8-10 minutes, and a few ROGs from a slick floor have been made by this series of autogiros. Thanks for the
updated plan Fred!

New 130mah battery from True RC!

True RC is now selling a new 130mah battery that is a direct "drop in" replacement for the Parkzone Minium/Vapor and E-flight Blade mCX heli.

I recently had a chance to try this new cell out, and I must say I am impressed. In comparison to the stock E-flite cell, its weight is exactly the same at
3.4 grams each! I attribute this to the connector that TrueRC is using at the end of the cell.

If you look at the end of each of these cells in the photo above, you will notice that the TrueRC connector is slightly smaller, which explains why the weight is the same as the stock cell. This means you can get longer flight time without the expense of increased weight.

I have not had a chance to determine how much it extends flight duration, as of yet, but stay tuned!

Minium Raptor by Relaxr

Relaxr is back, this time with his version of the F-22 Raptor, using an interesting mix of gear. He
utiilizes both X-twin/Aeroace pager motors and a Parkzone (Minium) Rx board.

F-22 Raptor by Relaxr

He says: I preferred this (dual) motor setup because of a nice mass distribution, as compared with a single motor pusher. The plane is imho very simple, clean and good looking.....

I would definitely agree Relaxr, great work!

Chara Bipe by derJuF

Do you remember planes such as the Dust Devil, Smiley and The Cat?
Well if those names sound familiar your in for a treat! derJuF is back, this time with his version of Chara's Bipe!

Chara Bipe by derJuF

He shrunk the Bipie that Chara designed he made some weeks ago and used "lightly modded" parts from a X-Twin UBI to build this design.
derJuF, your designs keep getting better and better!

Bald Eagle by Astrodavid

Astrodavid starts the year off right with his version of a profile Bald Eagle, utilizing Aeroace/X-twin components:

Bald Eagle by Astrodavid

If you watch is video you will get a good idea of how he built it, and how well it flies. Excellant work David!

Micro Super Cub by Ty Horn

Ty Horn decided to try his hand and creating his own version of
the very popular Super Cub, so he "eyeballed" everything and here is what he came up with:

Micro Super Cub by Ty Horn

He says it flies great and to me it looks pretty close to the original. Great job Ty!

SU-37 by Astrodavid

Astrodavid is back again this week, this time with his version of the
SU-37 fighter jet using AeroAce/X-twin components:

SU-37 by AstroDavid

His fighter has a 12.5 inch wing span and can be seen cruising around in his video. He recommends dropping the
span to 12 inches to drop the weight a bit, but it sure looks fun to fly.

I thought this would also be a great time to release the updated "Santa Shop" emporium page, just in time for the holidays! There is a
large number of new items the vendors have this season, and here are just a few for you to consider..........

TrueRC is offering a remarkably small 2 gram brushless outrunner motor!

This motor is powered by a single cell lipo, and offers lots of mod potential to users during the indoor season. He also is offering a micro size 1 cell ESC
as well!

Could a brushless havoc mod be in the works? Who can say, but with items like "The Steve" converter out there, this might be a reality soon!

Mike's Sub Works offers some truly unique, hard to find sub and boat items, and this year, Mike does not disappoint! He has a micro sub that
really defies description. All I can say is, click on the image below of the sub to find out more about this remarkable craft!

Nitrotek has the 735 Set heli that was reviewed some time ago on the Toolbox. This little heli is a really great flyer, and super stable!

Looking for something a bit different in heli's? Check out their "Spy heli" as well.

There is much more on the "Santa Shop" Emporium Page, so check it out now, to get your building mateirals and gifts before the holiday rush!

Spitfire Fighter by Astrodavid

Astrodavid has built a really nice version of the Spitfire
fighter using AeroAce/X-twin components:


He says that the Spitfire is one of his most successful efforts, and if you look at his build video, I think
you will agree. Check out the plan link along with the link to his video. Great job Dave!

Hoop Skirt by Micro Builder

This week Micro Builder is back for the Fall build season,
this time, with his version of the " AA Hoop Skirt":

Havoc Cyclone Bullet

The Hoop Skirt was originally a free flight model that he had been wishing to do for a while, and
from the sounds of it, it glides and flies quite nicely. Great work Micro Builder!

Silverlit Stingray review coming

Fall is quickly closing in, and with that, Silverlit has released a new
flying machine, the Stingray Infrared Control Plane! This is exactly the same as the Havoc Cyclone Bullet
except the Silverlit version has a range extender:

Havoc Cyclone Bullet

Stay tuned for the review coming soon!

Micro Ryan STA by Dr John

In this weeks news, Dr. John has released his Micro Ryan
for the Parkzone gear as a kit!

Dr. Johns Ryan STA

This is a laser cut kit for either the Parkzone or Vapor Rx brick. If you click on the image above, it will bring up the full flyer,
detailing information about this kit, as well as his site address and how to obtain it.

Brushless Parkzone Brick Conversion!

This weeks news consists of a pretty interesting find. TheSteve from RCG is offering a little
converter which will enable you to convert your Parkzone brick to a brushless output! Quax of x-twin fame has a hand in it
too. Here is a block diagram of what's involved:

The Steve Converter

Be watching for a review of this item in the coming months! Or check out TheSteve's web site at:

The Starship Enterprise by Robster

Hello and welcome to the AA Toolbox! Robster is back, this time with his version of the Famous Starship Enterprise, powered by AA Jet gear:


Robster says "She flies! And, extremely well at that! I trimmed her out for slight high alpha flight by bending some up elevator and did
nice smooth slow ovals in my living room.". Great job Robster, will we see a Bird of Prey Next??

Havoc Cyclone Bullet

Change is in the air, as Fall is quickly approaching! And with that, Air Hogs (Spin-master) has released a new
flying machine, the Havoc Cyclone Bullet:

Havoc Cyclone Bullet

Could this be the next "big" mod for the winter? Stay tuned!

F-15 by Megabyte 2

With Summer really ramping up, I thought I would continue with the jets theme by bringing back yet another
classic, Megabyte 2's F-15

F-15 by Megabyte2

Also, there is quite a buzz over at RC Groups about a brushless mod for the Parkzone Rx brick that is the heart of the 210 cessna, so if you get a chance, head over to and check it out :)

T-38 Talon by dz1sfb

Hopefully everyone had a great Father's day, and you were able to get out and enjoy some fun
family flying. Ken's T-38 is providing tons of entertainment, and thats why I have switched it back to the "current plan" this week, just because
its so fun to fly!

T-38 by Dz1sfb

If you have not had a chance to build one of these beauties, I suggest you check out the plan and try one. They work with either the
old Stock AeroAce bipe motors, or any of the newer more powerful rigs.

This week Pouncer has an interesting modification for the ParkZone Cessna, which needs very
little hardware. It involves moving the wing of the Cessna from the top of the fuselage, to the bottom, to give it a sleek new look:

Pouncer says: I like the more active flying it requires, it's not much mind, just enough to be noticeable. Looks like a fun flyer Pouncer!

Indoor Flyer to Close

On a sad note, Michael of IndoorFlyer has announced that he will be closing his doors in the fall. I know that many of you have had excellent
service from Michael, and have enjoyed his hard to find products. If you are looking for those "one of a kind" type items for your micro
needs, now would be the time to get it, before he is gone. Thanks for all your hard work Michael, your shop will be sadly missed.

Flying Robots??

This week is an interesting bit of news that was sent to me from RC Powers. He is working on a new
item which I wanted to share with you. Its a transforming robot which appears to use micro brushless motors!

Dave promises furture details about this item as it becomes available., Check out YouTube you can see this and other creations of his flying.
Perhaps this idea could be "micro-sized" with AeroAce gear? Who will take up the challenge!

The Beanoman Bipe by Beanoman

This week, we have a Biplane from Beanoman - The Beanoman Bipe! Beanoman made his creation
from disposable foam plates.

He says "Its about as simple as you can get...You can get 60-70 square inches and keep it light for some really slow flying." Thanks

1C Charge Mod by KC

This weeks update is a great little mod by KC which will extend the life of your AeroAce battery. The mod
KC came up with drops the default charge rate from 3C (3 times the cells rated capacity) to 1C.

The mod requires a certain level of expertise, so be sure to fully read and understand how to perform this mod, and on what transmitters it will work,
or get the help of someone who does electronics work before proceding. Thanks KC for sharing this excellent modification!

Toledo Post Show Report

This week in the news is a post show update on the Toledo RC show.

I had a chance to meet and talk with quite a few vendors at the show, and saw some pretty amazing items which were available, or will be soon, that I'd like to share with you. Also I met some new vendors at the show which I believe offer some truly unique and valuable products. I hope you would check out some of these vendors to see if they have anything you may need for the flying season.

First off I have to say that I was truly blown away at the quantity of products and the offerings that were available at the show. I am sure most people left with pockets empty and bags full! This is the first time I had attended the Toledo show, so I was not aware of many of the vendors "cash and carry" policy. That is, you could pay cash or check for merchandise, but no credit/debit. This was probably a great thing for most shoppers, but a tragedy for others. I ran into one vendor who had some truly spectacular profile jet kits to offer, but would not take credit, and did not even have a web site for making the purchases at a later date!

Those that were quick thinking enough scanned the entire floor, and the upstairs (the show had two levels!) before making purchases. Unfortunately time did not permit me to do this.

JT Servo Extensions

JT Servo Extensions was a specialty vendor I ran into that was very friendly indeed. He was offering servo extensions or "Y" splitters in just about any guage or style you could imagine all for the same price! He said he tried to establish the best pricing structure that would fit everyone when obtaining the wires from different factories and offers them at a bundle price of 2 for $5 or 5 for $10. You can mix and match any combination - your choice. He doesn't have a web site yet, but you can email him at for more information and pricing. I'm planning on putting up a link in the Emporum page to his site.

Sub Works

Now who hasn't wanted to control an RC sub when you were a kid? Sub Works had not only subs (from the mini size to the large) but also RC planes and micro heli's. The folks at Sub Works were extremely friendly and I would highly recommend them for their service. While there I picked up one of their "micro rc" subs and I will be reviewing it in the future.

Radical RC

Radical RC was on hand with a large selection of stock items. I had been looking for one of the base loaded antenna's from Azzar and Radical RC had it! These micro antenna's replace the long wire usually assocated with the 72mhz Rx equipment (for those of us that have not abandoned the trandtional gear). This "cleans up" your model to give it a sharper appearance without the trailing cable.

True RC

True RC was located on the second level on Sunday. They were offering a great transmitter replacement lipo battery pack that replaces the old Nicad packs most transmitter's come equiped with. One of these lipo pack will run a transmitter virtually all day for flying! True RC also had some great brushless motors that I am sure will be a hit this summer. I encourage you to check out some of the truly amazing products they have to offer.


Lazertoyz was also upstairs and had a wide variety of hard to find wrenches for those micro 5 and 10 gram motors that have started showing up! They also had some reliable 5 gram servos to round out any model you wanted to build.


Located near the start of the show was Lightflite had one of Al Foot's "Twirls" on hand for examination! The Twirl proved to be so popular after the indoor flying sessions on Friday and Saturday, that Lightflite only had the demo unit left! You may want to put this craft on your "short build" list for the season.


Tucked away in the corner of the show was the heli vendor IMEX ( He had an assortment of helis and also some interesting "para-sail" type craft. In talking with the vendor, I found out he was in the process of updating his web site, so some of the items at the show will not yet be available online, but I am sure if you call them they would be happy to help you out.

Budget RC

Mark from Budget RC ( on hand with his "Lil Moe" and "Raven" planes. In talking with Mark I found out they have really been swamped with the start of the flying season and all the shows. You might want to check out some of these cool planes.

Winged Shadow

This again was another specialty vendor, selling logging devices. The one micro logger I was shown only weighed in at 2 grams and would log altitude and airspeed! The device simply plugged into any unused Rx servo port and connected to your PC through a USB port.(

This was just a sample of some of the vendors in attendance at the show. I hope to see you all at next years show!

The Weak Signals RC Show April 4th, 5th, & 6th

This weeks news is about the RC Show approaching this week in Toledo, Ohio. The Weak Signals RC Show is probably one of the
best and biggest shows in the mid west! You will not find a better gathering of vendors and RC parts just waiting to be snatched up.

A number of vendors will be offering deals only available at the show.

You will want to check out True RC which will be located upstairs on
Sunday. Some of the specials at that time will be:

- with Battery and Motor purchase the matching ESC will be 1/2 off
- 64mm EDF UNITS WILL BE $30 with 3800kv brushless motor. (just over 1lb of thrust)

Also Upstairs will be Lazertoyz. If you click on the flyer image below and print it out you will get a discount of $10 off of a $100 or more
purchase from them at the show!

I hope you all get a chance to check out all the items at the show. What a great way to start the outdoor flying season. Happy flying!

Tx Antenna Mod by Watty

This weeks mod is an Antenna Tx Mod by Watty. He has come up with step by step instructions as well as a great set of pictures depicting
how to change out the fixed antenna mount on your Tx to help with communications. I think you will find this information useful
just in time for the start of the outdoor season.

Boeing Model 80 by Lutz Näkel

Lutz's talent really shines with his Boeing Model 80! The airframe is made out of 1.5mm Depron and the dummy engines are vac-formed
over plastic parts.

He says that it took him about 30 hours to create this beauty! Be sure to check out the video of it flying. You will not be disappointed.

More pictures of the new Silverlit Palm Z Micro Jet

Just in are some more images of the new Micro Jet in action. I think this one is going to be a big hit in the indoor arena.

Pizza Box Flyer by Leadfeather

Having waited and waited for some better outdoor weather, Leadfeather came up with a really nice indoor flyer using some 3mm EPP foam and Aeroace hardware called the Pizza Box Flyer!

He said that the design has a very gentle stall and good stability. It also flys very well at high AOA. Thanks for micro sizing this leadfeather, great work!

Alleycat Jet by averagbrunette

Averagbrunette took the ducted prop units from a Airhog Jet Scream and the controls from her Cessna to build one fast looking cat! There are two versions here, one with a single ducted unit, and one with two.

The original plan is from Nitro that she had to adjust to work for her application. You will want to check the notes on how to modify the plan to build this plane.
The orignal plan is attached so you can find it easier. Thank you averagbrunette for building such a nice cat!

Palm Z Micro Jet by Silverlit

Silverlit has taken the PalmZ flier to the next level with a new Micro Jet! The new items just keep coming in 2008. Siliverlit's new Micro Jet
has a wing span of 8.25 inches and is about 4.5 inches long at only 7grams weight!

The Slow Twig by Jake Mchone

Jake decided to try his hand at making a Slow Stick out of his Cessna 210 components. Originally he had built one of Leadfeathers's plans,
the Slow Twig intended for AeroAce components. He took that platform and installed the Parkzone components with some really nice looking

Here is what Jake had to say about this build:

"I made the wings and tail from McDonald's foam breakfast trays. (about 2mm thick)

I could have built it lighter, but it flies great as it is and about 20grams and twice teh wing area as the Cessna.

It flies as fast and the stock Cessna, but flies UST like a real Slow Stick! Loops and hanner heads and all!

Great flyer!

Look up the plan and try one!"

Thanks for sharing your variation of the Slow Twig Jake! I am sure there will be a few of these floating around in the gym's soon!

The Proton Project by Electronick

Electronick looks like he created the first jet using the Parkzone electronics! He took everything except the gearbox and motor from his
Cessna 210 and put it into his Jet creation as depicted here:

Quite a fantastic looking jet! But as if this were not enough, he took the remains of his Cessna, and installed his AA components back
into it.

Not much has been heard of this great "switch-a-roo" he has pulled off, so I thought I would place his mod in two different areas.

For those of you not familiar with Electronick's work, check out the Piccoztoolbox ( for some of the other stuff he has
built. You will not be sorry.......

Bearcat by Kimhey

Inspired by Bill Lowe's Micro P51 Mustang, Kimhey thought he would try his had at creating a Warbird, so he decided to make a Bearcat

I am sure more of these warbirds will emerge as we go forward. Nice work Kimhey.

More "buzz" about the Jet Scream

It seems that most of the thread activity these days is with the Jet Scream.

Not surprising considering the cold winter days and winds can give the AA bipe's a beating! The buzz right now
is that it appears the transmitters for them Jet Scream may be weaker than the older Airhog transmitters. A large number
of reported that the range is somewhat restricted compaired to the older transmitters. The solution thus far has been
to use any older AeroAce bipe or jet transmitter instead. In this way the range issues are cut down. So far no mods or
builds have emerged for this plane.

Palm Z's arrive in US

For those that have been holding out for the Palm Z's to show up locally, they finally have arrived as an Airhog product.
The plane has been renamed "Nano Hawk" and was spotted at local Targets for 29.99

The main difference of the Nano Hawk vs the AeroSoar is that the Nano Hawk flies slower, and also has a lipo battery instead of the
capacitor. What this means is instead of getting only 30 seconds of flight time you get an estimated 5 minutes. This micro light
is probably a great plateform for those wishing to create indoor designs.

Cessna 310 by Redbeardrc

Redbeardrc thought things looked pretty bleak when his Parkzone Cessna 210 came face to face with the large rotating prop of a P-38 mid flight! But from
its ashes he has created this beautiful 310!

Be sure to check out this one and the link to the ongoing RC Groups build thread for it. Way to go Redbeardrc!

Ducted Fan Airhog??

A new flyer has appeared on the scene; The Jet Scream:

This latest offering by Airhogs can be found at local Toys-R-Us stores. It uses 7mm motors with 30mm diameter props. The props have a
much higher pitch that the Aero Ace Bipe.

These duct units might work nicely for building something like a jet liner or A-10 type plane. It will be interesting to see how the Jet Scream builds

Fokker DVIIIv2 by Pouncer

Pouncer is back this week with an updated version of his Fokker DVIII. If you look at the pictures, you will see the differences in version 1 verses version 2.

Another fine looking craft!

2007 sure was an exciting year in the micro world! We saw BD-5's, Fighter Jets and the arrival of the Minium Cessna 2.4Ghz micro! If 2008 is anything like the past year, we should all be in for a treat.

The Santa Shop becomes - The RCToolbox Emporium

Thank you for all of your emails concerning the Santa Shop. I am glad you were able to locate the products and vendors during the holiday shopping season. This page was going to close down, but since so many of you have expressed an interest in keeping it open, the Santa Shop will be renamed - The RCToolbox Emporium - and remain as part of the site. Again, if you know of any vendor not listed that you have had good experiences with, please email me and I will add them to the Shop list.

Micro Park Flier Pete by Kimhey

Kimhey enjoyed the Parkzone 210 Cessna but had a strong desire to build something with the microsized
Rx/servo assembly. So he built this little micro Park Flier Pete!

Weighing in at 19g he says that it flies very well. Good job Kimhey!

Micro Drake by Thayer Syme

Thayer takes the price (litterally) for his Micro Drake. Its first official outing was at the JRIEF, where it was judged Best Micro RC Airplane. It utilizes the ParkZone Cessna 210 electrics. The Durabatic foam was heat formed in a toaster oven. Thayer said that his design will appear as a plan in an upcoming issue of Fly RC Magazine.

SloFly Makes a Comeback

Many of you may remember Sloper Steve's site and all the wonderful items he use to offer. Steve has started up a new site again and here is what he has to say about it:

"It is an innovative forum. It has forums, live real chat not a java applet, auctions and links to actual shop items (or pay buttons for items)
So it is a forum with Slofly, other shop and hobbyists items for sale." Nice to see you back Steve!

The Santa Shop

With the shopping season in full swing, I thought I would lend a hand in connecting vendors and enthusiasts by setting up a "Santa Shop".

The shop contains many small shops where you can find items from vendors that I have delt with in the past. I tried to catagorize the items by like type to help you out. If you have had any good service from vendors not shown here, please email me and so I can add them to the list. If you click on the Santa image above you will be taken to the shop. Happy shopping!

Fokker DVIII by Pouncer

Pouncer is back this week with yet another great plane! He had build a Fokker DVIII for use with a Plantraco .9g receiver and MiniActs then decided to convert it for use with a Kyosho brick and a MicroInvent PU05 (7mm pager with GWS 5030 prop geared 4:1).

Another fine looking craft!

Nieuport 11 by Pouncer

Pouncer was experimenting with Epilots extremely thin "ifoam" (see the indoorflyer web site for more details) and decided to create this Nieuport 11 from a 3 view drawing. He says "....seeing that the airframe came at 1 gram, that's with struts and landing gear I quickly slapped the guts from an AeroSoarer on and with a Plantraco LP30 the AUW is 3.8 grams! ".

Thats some experiment Pouncer. Great job!

P51 Version 2 Mustang Kit for Minium electrics by Bill Lowe
Bill has continued is P51 line by releasing a new version of his P51. It has a new body which is now 6mm black EPP foam. Reports are that this one flies at 1/2 throttle and is even more maneuverable than version 1!

11 inch SE-5 Kit for Minium electrics by Mike Glass
Mike has just released a full fuselage version of an SE-5 as a kit which works with Minium components!

AUW should be around 23 grams with kit pricing around $30. For more information about availablity, you can contact Mike at his web site,

Both of these kits will be reviewed in the Toolbox Reviews section in December!

Flying Fender Champ by Microbuilder

Many of you will remember Nick's flying cubes which he built using AA components. This time around he decided to use an Aerosoar as the platform to build around. He said
"In the foamies scratch build forum there was a thread on flying guitars. amps and other music instruments came up as well, so i thought i'd give a flying amplifier a try.

I've built a ton of AA powered cubes, but this is the first one that I got to work with a single motor and rudder. I tried using the AS gearbox but it didnt seem to have the oomph. it now has an AA bipe motor and prop, 50mah lipo and my own coil/magnet. size is 6.5 x 4.5 x 5 inches, AUW is 7.4 grams, 30 square inches of "wing area" total on the top and bottom, wingloading is nice at 1.25oz sq ft / .24g sq in - almost in the LRF realm.

The graphics are printed tissue of a 1975 Fender Champ. "

Way to go Nick!

P51 Mustang Kit for Minium electrics by Bill Lowe

As the indoor season starts fast and furious, Bill Lowe has just release details of his new P51 Mustang, which he is offering as a kit!

The P51 uses all the stock Minium parts, and weighs approximately 14g when complete. The 1/64 inch plywood exoskeleton adds that extra
protection you need when encountering a wall!

If you are interested in purchasing a kit from Bill, send him and email for pricing information. Kits currently run approximately $15.00. There is a link to his email, as well as additional photos in the Minium section of the Toolbox under Plans--> Prop Planes.

If you are interested in some of Bill's other work, you may enjoy this video of his indoor jet!

AA Bubble Mod by lukibob

The outdoor season is over and the leaves are flying, but you cannot help but to remember the days that were! Lukibob has a great Bubble Mod for you to try, if you can still find bubbles to give it a go!

AA Tx Mod by Trog

The good weather seems to have gone on forever this summer, well into the Fall. It will almost be a shame to move indoors. However weather this happens or not, you will want to take advantage of Trog's Zero turning mod. This mod was put out some time ago, but just now made it to the Toolbox. It is intended to allow you to turn left or right without the need for the throttle to be on for the motors to work.

This mod is for the AA/Power Hawk/etc transmitters that at 2007 and newer in style.

Up on the forum you can find info about my Alleycat Plus - A modified version of the AA Alleycat which uses the Silverlit Acrobat electronics and actuator. It has plenty of power and is quite fun to fly!

Remember, if your looking for an Acrobat, you can get one at PlayAsia:
Silverlit X-twin Pro

Minium Builds and Mods by Richard Cox

Richard Cox took some of the great free flight designs created by Paul Bradley and built them with the Parkzone Cessna Electrics in mind. In particular, he chose Paul's BearCat and SE-5 airplanes:

He found that when powered by these components the Bearcat is fast and manuverable, while the SE-5 flies extremely slow!

Richard also is now offering a mixing module for the Parkzone Tx. The module allows you to perform v-tail mixing and servo reversing with ease! If you are interested in his module, it can be obtained directly from his company for $30. If you check out the Tx mods on the Toolbox, you will find the order information as well as the instruction PDF that tells you who to install the module. Well done Richard!

Suprisingly a couple of new micros from Silverlit have shown up locally in the Target department store. Both appear to be Target exclusives. One looks almost like a knock off of the Single Wing Plane that was recieved with mixed results. It is called the "U-Build-It":

First reports indicate that this is an interesting flyer, as it uses a Lipo pack instead of an NiMh that the SingleWingPlane uses. Click on the image below to see the RCGroups thread about this item:

So far these have only been seen in a small number of Targets, but the number is growing.

Also, the Silverlit X-twin Jet has appeared at Target. This is the same jet that can be purchased from Play-Asia as well:

Would you like to see Toolbox sections added for these new planes? Please leave me your feedback at :)

Lockheed ER-2 by SR71fan

SR71fan took a 3 view drawing of the Lockheed ER-2 High Altitude Research Aircraft and created a really nice AA version!

To create your own, print out the 3 view and scale up 250%. Thanks SR71fan!

I know there are probably already plenty of ParkZone Minium reviews out there, but here is the Toolbox's take on the new plane. Includes links to forums, vendor, etc. The review can be found by clicking on the picture above, or just go to

Bristol Scout by Tim Cullip

Excited by the size and function of the Parkzone Cessna Centurion Rx, Tim took one of his existing models, A Bristol Scout, and modified it to use not only the Rx but
also the motor and gear box.

Great Job Tim!

Also this week in the updates is a "new and improved" set of pictures for modifying the Power Hawk/AeroAce Transmitter so you can select the channel you wish. This mod covers the 2007 and newer transmitters which have a newer style of circuit board and as a result a different layout.

Thank you Sstraub for the submission!

Aerosoar Prop Flip by Microbuilder

You can tell that the indoor season is gearing up when you start to see the indoor flyer mods re-appear. Microbuilder has a nice image of converting the Aerosoar prop to a tractor configuration.

Check out his mod.

New Minium Section Released....

Outdoor flying may soon come to an end for the season, but the new products just keep on coming. Parkzone has started to offer the Kyrosho Minium, branded the Cessna Centurion 210 in the US. This little plane has three channels, is fully proportional and operates on a 2.4Ghz band. So in keeping with the Toolbox theme, I have made a space for it, along with the Aerosoar and AeroAce / X-twin mods/hop ups.. You will find the stats, hop-ups and someday plans of the Minium on on this Toolbox as they appear.

I hope you come to enjoy this plane as much as I have.
If you have any submissions that you would like to see appear on the site, please email them.

Indoor Season Around the Corner

With the indoor season upon us, many are trying to get in as much last minute flying time as possible. But if you have access to an indoor venue, you can still enjoy all the fun. Here are some examples of planes that can fly indoors, powered by the X-twin/AA gear:

Concord anyone? I wonder if we will see this plan on the Toolbox this Fall?

Be watching the Toolbox for some interesting stuff to show up concerning the Silverlit Acrobat.

**** Play Asia has the Acrobats and shipping ****

Play Asia has the Acrobats back in stock again, so if you were waiting for thes units to show back up they are here. I have also gotten that due to all the shipping issues of planes arriving damaged, they have obtained special shipping boxes to prevent damage. I am currently waiting for one of these to arrive and will give you an update once it is here. Please note that you may want to contact Play Asia concerning the best shipping method for you before you place your order.
Silverlit X-twin Pro

Also, don't miss out on the Review Log of the Silverlit X-Twin Pro Acrobat that is now on the toolbox. You can find it in the reviews section by clicking here on the image below:
T-38 by Dz1sfb

PalmZ's on their way....

With the Fall indoor season just around the corner, the palm Z's have started to arrive in the UK. These little micro flyers are great for the indoors, just like the Aerosoar. However unlike the Aerosoar, they are already equipped with a lipo battery!

They are only 7g and have a flight duration up to 15 minutes.

F18 by Doug Hinkel

Doug has produced a really nice build of an F18 along with assembly instructions. You will want to check out the pictures on this one to help with your build
F18 by Doug Hinkel
Thanks Doug!

Also, don't miss out on the Review Log of the Silverlit X-Twin Pro Acrobat that is now on the toolbox. You can find it in the reviews section by clicking here on the image below:
T-38 by Dz1sfb

T-38 Talon by dz1sfb

Dz1sfb is still going strong with yet another jet: The T-38 Talon. His build is a simple two piece affair, with the color scheme of the Thunderbirds

T-38 by Dz1sfb

F22 Raptor by Claes Meijers - ojonod build (Jonas)

Jonas built an F22 Raptor utilizing Claes Meijers plans, adapting it for AA flight! The plane has a length of 215mm with a WS of 180mm. Way to go Jonas!
F22 Raptor by Claes Meijers - ojonod build (Jonas)

BD-5J motor top mount by dz1sfb

Dz1sfb is back again with yet another variation of his BD-5J. This time, he has placed the motors on the top of the wing. This helps to combat the wind, so now you have even more choices for building one!

BD-5J by Dz1sfb

**** Play Asia Now Carrys the Silverlit X-Twin Pro: Air Acrobat

The Air Acrobat is Silverlit's latest offering that gives you elevator control so you can do loops!
Silverlit X-twin Pro

For those of you in the states waiting to try one of these, this is your chance :)

Check out some of these:

RC Mosquito

RC Mosquito Helicopter

Sky Challenger

Silverlit Sky Challenger!

Aantoin Profile 1 by Aantoin

Aantoin decided to try his hand at modifying his AeroSoar, and came up with his "profile" version. He only left his in stock form for about 36 hours before he came up with his creation:
Aantoin's profile version

Following on his other great creation, Dz1sfb has created a 3mm version of this DB-5J you to build :)
BD-5J by dz1sfb

BD-5J by dz1sfb

Dz1sfb has created a very sharp looking DB5! Years ago, the old Testors Corp use to manufacter a control line version of this plane. Since then I know that many have wanted and waited for something like that to again
appear to get the "BD-5" experience. Dz1sfb has created just that :)

Here is the old Testor's version:
BD-5J by dz1sfb

...and here is DZ1SFB :)

BD-5J by dz1sfb
Thanks DZ1SFB for such a cool plane!

Stealth is Good....

Duane Cruz has created a really nice Northrop B-2 using 2mm Depron and a CF strip! He says that it's super light and very fast.

B2 by Duane Cruz
So who will be the first to make a 19 or 20 inch version??

ME262 by Relaxr

Relaxr has come up with a really nice flyer, the ME262. You will find in the PDF step by step directions, as well as attached images about component placement.
ME262 by Relaxr
Thanks Relaxr!

Poor Man's bahoma lipo conversion by Robster

Robster was thrilled with the Aerosoarer (Aerosoar), but found like most that the power source needed to be a lipo instead of the stock capacitor.
Lipo Connector mod by Robster
So he came up with this great mod!

Landing Gear How to by bas10an

With the nicer weather, comes some nice landing gear from bas10an. He has taken music wire and some small wheels to create some sharp landing gear.
Landing Gear by bas10an

AeroSoarer Section Released

The new AeroSoarer section has been released on the toolbox! After hearing so much about the Aerosoar, and the upcoming Palm Z, I thought it would be a great idea to expand the toolbox to include this new plane. This little micro really challenges you in both skill and technic. Every component has to be examined to keep the plan as light as possible. Many authors have performed various mods, for replacing the discharge capacitor with a lipo battery to pulling all of the electrics out of the AeroSoarer (AS) and creating entirely different planes.

PWS 17

Pilatus B4 by Christian Bürger

Christian Bürger has created another plane, this time its an AA powered glider with a 76cm wingspan! This might just be the type of plane you are looking for to soar around the skys with an a lazy summer day.
Dizzy Space

Dizzy Space by Christian Bürger

Christian Bürger has created a new plane, that looks very much like Dick Rutan's Voyager! This plane will glide through the sky with easy. The author noted that it flew the first time without any trimming. May your version be just as fun!
Dizzy Space

Gee Bee Supersportster by relaxr

relaxr is back with a new design for the new year, the Gee Bee Supersportster! The little craft is built from 2 and 3mm Depron. Relaxr's has some pictures
Gee Bee Supersportster by relaxr
of the build to help you along when you build your version :)

X-tra by derJuf

DerJuF had tried a different method of coloring his models with this one. He found a transfer-foil for cups that was extremely thin.
X-tra by derJuf
Instead of baking it in the oven as suggested by the instructions, he used thinned glue for getting it on the depron.

B-25 by Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley has created a highly detailed warbird from the past, the B-25! This B-25 is fabricated from balsa or foam, and
B-25 by Paul Bradley
Paul has included a tissue image file so you can complete the model with all the graphics. There is a link in the build document that describes how to print directly on to balsa or tissue! Thanks Paul for this wonderful build!

Big Round Smiley by derJuf

DerJuf had some time to spare, so he created a new plane out of various other designs that he has worked on in the past. His latest creation,
the Big Round Smiley, as a 34cm wingspan!
Big Round Smiley by derJuf

Fun Winter Sailplane flying by MicroTex

MicroTex has has come up with a really nice 20 inch wingspan AA glider! This one is bound to catch some thermals, so you probably will want to extend your antenna!
AA Glider by MicroTex
Thanks MicroTex!

The Cat by derJuf

derJuf has provided another interesting model for everyone to build. The Cat! This 4 engine giant was inspired by his love of OCC (Orange County Choppers) and looks like it would be fun to fly.
The Cat by derJuf
Please note that you will need a specially modified Rx to handle the additional power requirements for the extra motors. If you are interested in this modification, check out the FET addition mod that is already present on the toolbox under the Rx hop-up area.....Thanks again derJuf!

Smiley by derJuf

Starting out the new year right, derJuf has created a nice new "face" to start out the year on the toolbox, Smiley! After being away from the forums for a bit, I see activity has picked up somewhat, as builders and flyers alike are becoming inspired again :)
Smiley by derJuf
Much of the buzz these days has been going on over in the heli forum, so its nice to see a return to the fixed wing arena.

How to Build a Plane by MicroBuilder

This week, MicroBuilder has provided a nice "how to" document for beginners. This document covers the basics of how to build an airplane using aeroace components! For those that have yet to jump into building, this might be the time to check this one out and join the fun!
How to Build a Plane by Microbuilder

The Micro Demoiselle by Gguy

Another inspired plan by the move "Those Magnificent Men in Thier Flying Machines has appeared on the scene by Gguy! Originally a Walt Mooney design, Gguy converted it to RC.
This one flies great according to the author, both indoors and out. It is built out of balsa strips and plate foams. Gguy has included a construction tips document to assist you in building the plane!

Introducing the FLIG by Neurotex!

The flyingwing (flig) is a quick flat build all done with the Hefty Extra Strong & Deep
26cm foam plates that flys great! Thanks Neurotex!
Give it a try, and think you will enjoy the FLIG! :)

Past News:
CaptEvo has built and adaptation of PrasadL's Quick Junior in this weeks line up. It has a nice airfoil to which should produce a really nice glide!
Quick Junior

New RCToolbox Director Site
In an effort to make it easier to get to each toolbox, a "central" site has been created, The RC Toolbox! Now you can access each of your favorite sites from one place. Be sure to check out the vendors page for a list of vendors which carry items for your RC needs.

RC Toolbox

Few remember "The Classics", that is, the movies that inspired you to dream, whether they were silly or not. This week, Torsten Hill's plan has been posted, the SG38, inspired by the movie "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines"! Way to go Torsten!
Torsten, if your reading this, how about creating the plane Max flew for the Professor in "The Great Race"? Be sure to check out Torsten's video at his web site. It is a large download (20meg but well worth it).

Moody07747 has redone the AC charge jack mod. I've left the original, as well as his new one in the mods area. Check out the clear pictures in his build....
Charge Jack Mod 2

With the shorter darker days, it has become harder to fly. So why not "lighten" things up a bit? ARSoftware is now offering some really nice LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) that you could use to light up the skies with!
Charge Jack Mod 2
You can attach these to your AA creations, or anything that needs lights. He even has one that could best be described as a "flamethrower" because its
Flame Thrower LED

so bright! I've put a some on my holiday wish list! :)

This week's design is an Autogyro by frash! A number of users have made past attempts at designing an Autogyro, and frash's version is the latest entry. It will be interesting to see how many variations come out of this design. Thanks frash!

RCBilly has kicked of a nice "War Birds" collection theme for us! His first creation is the FW190C. There is some really nice detail in this design. All you have to do is follow his instructions for creation and assembly of this model and you are all set.
FW 190c

Leadfeather of RC Groups has put together a really nice slow flyer, the Slow Twig. If you would like to try a nice gentle slow flyer on a fall day, this one is for you! Check out his nice "How To" guide which contains the plans as well.
Slow Twig

A new plane from Silverlit has appeared on the shelves of Toys-R-Us. It is called simply the Single Wing Plane (SWP).
Silverlit SWP
I found the unit while checking to see if they had any more PiccoZ Heli's. It appears that Silverlit may have picked up on all the activity over the years on the AA forum, because one of the things that makes this plane different is it has a rudder actuator for control, instead of the thrust vectoring we have all come to know.
Silverlit SWP

A quick size comparision between a stock AA, and the Single Wing Plane (SWP) shows that they are almost the same.
Silverlit SWP

The biggest difference is the SWP has a full length fuselage and a much larger tractor prop (115mm dia).
Silverlit SWP

The Tx shell appears to be identical to that of the PiccoZ, with the exception of the RF transmitter antenna.
Silverlit SWP
It has the return springs just like that of the Z in each stick. One major difference from the AA is that the SWP use a 3 cell NiMh pack.
Silverlit SWP

I wonder how long it will be before someone installs an AA Lipo as a mod? The price of the SWP is $19.99 at TRU.

Here are some quick specs for you to ponder:

Length: 220 mm
Wingspan: 27 cm
Prop diameter: 115mm
Power unit: 3 cell NiMh Pack

Could a SWToolbox be on the way? Only time will tell....

After being away with the toolbox on autopilot I've come back to find a flurry of activity on the web.
derJuF has come up with another design, the Dust Devil from Crimson Skies.
Dust Devil
Also, a number of new users have begun to trickle into the forum.
Fullriver Batteries available at Indoor Flyer
Indoor Flyer has made arrangements to obtain batteries from Fullriver This will include both the batteries for the aeroace and the batteries for the PiccoZ!
Full RIver 50 mah batteryFull RIver 130 mah battery
These are the OEM 50ma and 130ma batteries for the each. You will also be able to get spare PiccoZ parts starting in September from his site too!

MicroBuilder Releases The Mosquito

Check out the new design by Microbuilder, the featured plan.

Christian Bürger Releases New Designs

Christian Bürger has done it again, and given us some new great designs to try with the AA gear! First up is the Dizzy Floater:
Dizzy Floater
Its sort of a cross between his PBY design with Alleycat lines ;)

Next up is the Dizzy Craft, a cool looking power boat!
Dizzy Craft
Who will take up the challenge and mod this one with a FET kit for higher power and maybe flight??

Finally Christian provides the awsome ME163:
ME 163
I am sure this would be really fun for some pylon racing! Be sure to check out his comments about this craft.

PiccoZ Rage
At the piccoZtoolbox site, you can check out the first plan to be made available, again by Christian:
Jet Ranger
Its a Jet Ranger! Thanks again Christian for share with us such great designs!


Google Search Bar Added to Home Page
I've added a few Google items to the system, such as the search bar, and the free photo software link. The photo software is pretty nice, in that it allows you to edit, crop, and tune digital pictures. This comes in handy when creating shots of your projects, or even just as an organizer.

Have a plan you want to post?

If you have any sketches or drawings you liked to post, feel free to contact me at RCGroups using the Contact link from the home page.