Hop-ups - Transmitter Mods::

Antenna Mod
Author: bobandris
Author Email: bobandris at RCGroups
Specs: Helps with Range Issues
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: I got out a small fine tooth saw (probably could have used my moto-tool) and cut the plastic base of the TX antenna housing. Re-aligned it at 45 deg to the box and hit it with a little CA; then Goop to seal around the cut joint.

While I was at it, I opened up the fuse (pulled back the trim strip to the area of the TE of the wing) and found the RX antenna taped down along the length of the fuse. Figured a vertical "whip" orientation would be much better, so I merely fed it up through a pinhole I made in the wing. Gave the exit point a little dab of UHU glue (foam safe) to hold it in place. Good to go.

Kyosho Throttle Spring Mod
Author: I. Klemetti
Author Email: I. Klemetti at RCGroups
Specs: Describes Throttle Spring Removal Procedure
Material Required: Various
Downloads available:
Notes: To deactivate the throttle stick return spring on Kyosho Minium transmitter is a somewhat tricky operation. Please note that these instructions only apply to the Kyosho version, not the Parkzone version in the U.S.

There are 4 plugged screws on the back of the transmitter. I removed the plugs using a drill bit like a corkscrew. The joystick mechanism is enclosed in a compact unit with no springs visible.

I desoldered the unit from the circuit board. There are total of 14 pins to desolder (10 electrical and 4 to hold it mechanically). Some of the pins are pretty small and close to each other so I had to be very careful. Some means to remove the solder is essential. I used a small syringe type vacuum pump (solder sucker).

I opened the (joystick) unit by bending the 4 small clips which hold the bottom on place.

There is a flat plastic disc at the bottom end of the stick. When the stick is moved the disc is tilted. It's edges depress the spring loaded bottom part of the unit.

To deactivate the throttle return function I carefully heated the disc above a candle and formed a radius on it's upper edge. I finished the form with a jeweler's file. The radius center point should be at the center of the corresponding stick axle. The radiused edge of the disc won't depress the black part any more when the throttle is advanced and so the throttle stick won't spring back when released.

When I was happy with the feel of the throttle stick I put the unit back together and soldered it on the board. Again, I had to be very careful to get everything soldered properly and to avoid the pins to short circuit.

Now the throttle stick stays where it is left. Like in the original configuration the throttle stick is moved from mid-position upwards.

Mixer/Reverser for Cessna 210 radio
Author: Richard Cox
Author Email: Richard Cox at RCGroups
Specs: Allow Tx to mix rudder and elevator inputs to Rx
Material Required: Basic Tools, Richard's kit
Downloads available:
Notes: The Kyosho/Parkzone radio system is a great lightweight radio, but it lacks the features of most computer radios, namely servo reversing and elevon mixing. I have developed a solution to these shortcomings in the form of an add-on device that installs in the transmitter. It allows independent reversing of rudder and elevator travel, swapping of elevator and rudder channels, and elevon/V-tail mixing.

The PDF is the installation/instruction manual for the module.

It is currently available direct from my company, Arcox Engineering by sending check or money order or Paypal in the amount of $30.00. Shipping is free within the US.

Arcox Engineering
1336 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(Edit Note: You need to download this PDF to install the module. They will not be included with it when it arrives. This module will be available per the author as long as there is demand for it)

Tx Antenna Mod #2
Author: Watty
Author Email: Watty at RCGroups
Specs: Enables Antenna to tilt
Material Required: Unknown
Downloads available:
Notes: My transmitter mod allows the antenna to be pivoted to a desired orientation. See attached document for details.