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Tx Chip Data Sheet
Author: RF-Flyer
Author Email: RF-Flyer at RCGroups
Specs: Data Sheet for Nordic nRF2401 transceiver
Revisions: N/A
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Notes: There is an micro-controller on the PCB + a daughter board attached to the side with transceiver - Nordic nRF2401 transceiver module. The antenna is connected off the board with standard teflon RG178 coax with an antenna made out of the coax. (1/4 wave with ground collar soldered on) This I am going to replace with an SMA connector and install a true WiFi antenna. The stock antenna is close but not well matched according to my analyzer view of things. Part of the reason for the short range is, (I'm guessing here) that this radio system is transceive and requires communication both ways for the FHSS to work correctly. A better TX and maybe RX antenna in the plane would greatly increase your distance. I am hoping for at least the standard 300+ ft of WiFi equipment.

Opening the TX - In order to get inside you remove the 4 rubber plugs on the back of the chassis with small flat blade screwdriver or dental pick and then you will find 4 - phillips screws holding the case together. Be careful of all the plastic parts when you take it apart as they fall out when opened.

The board in the tx uses a Nordic nRF24L01 chip and the circuit is the reference design from the Nordic app. notes.