Jet Plans:

Minium Raptor
Designer: relaxr
Designer Email: relaxr at RCGroups
Specs: 18.5 inch WS, 17.5g AUW
Material Required: 3 mm Depron, Sellitron
Downloads available:
Notes: Hi - here is my micro raptor made of 3 mm foam (selitron) and a foamnose for surviving the trim flights:
Rx/ESC=minium brick, elevons
Tx=minium 2,4 GHz, modded with Arcox mixer/reverser
rods=modified from minium cessna
lipo=fullriver 145mAh
motors=AA/x-twin jet pagers + props
AUW=17.5 gr
Thrust=12 gr

I preferred this (dual) motor setup because of a nice mass distribution, as compared with a single motor pusher. The plane is imho very simple, clean and good looking.

Parkzone Powered Alleycat
Designer: averagbrunette
Designer Email: averagbrunette at RCGroups
Specs: 15cm WS, 16g AUW (less battery)
Material Required: Parkzone 210 & Jet Scream components, 3mm Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: Plans are a modified "alleycat" from Original plan by Nitrostar at RCG. You will need to scale up the wing as specified by the author.
Here is what she has to say about her build:

Airhogs JetScream 33mm stock ducted fan and 130ma 1 cell lipo
Parkzone brick with dual rudder and steerable nose gear, PZ wheels

CG is further back maybe due to over sized wing. I had made a previous test model based strictly from the plans, but rolled right and nose planted many times, but was able to do a controlled powered glide after about a minute of flight on the PZ 70ma battery.

I then added small flaps in the middle section, made the wings bigger 15cm leading edge. Rolled an airfoil into the wing with a little washout, had to play around to find a good point for CG (Still trimming to get it flying better) and that is about it. I ended up using both fans from the jet scream wired in parallel to get the nessessary thrust. Once I get nother jetscream I want to try a quasi 2cell setup on the PZ brick and see if I can make it a single fan again.

Proton Project
Designer: Electronick
Designer Email: Electronick at RCGroups
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: This is pretty much what happened to my PZ Cessna. The RX went in the proton-jet and the rest of the foam body became a simple 2 channel conversion. (Notes: Check out Proton Project 2 for the Cessna 210 images.)