Ideas - Not yet Plans - But a Great Place to Start:

Author: Jbiker31691
Author Email: Jbiker31691 at RCGroups
Specs: Depron Floats
Material Required: Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: I did some throwing glide tests into the hot tub, need to get it just right to land, but its not to hard. taxi'd around in there too, it looks like itll get enough speed to take off in about, ehhh 15ft?

Lipo Battery Container
Author: Butters
Author Email: Butters at RCGroups
Specs: Transport Container for battery
Material Required: Pill box
Downloads available:
Notes: Metal Pill Containers. Perfect for holding the lipos and keeping them safe.
I picked these up at WALMART in the Pharmacy dept. $5.00 bucks each.
It's better then damaging the plugs.

I cut 2mm foam disks one for each container to fit inside for a cushion. PERFECT

Magnet & LED mod
Author: racerx208
Author Email: Racerx208 at RCGroups
Specs: Magnetic wing holding and LEDS
Material Required: Magnets, washers, SMD leds
Downloads available:
Notes: Here is the photos of the magnets in place with the washers mounted to the fuse top.

Also finished light mounting too! I was going for a soft glow effect, such as standard running lights would produce, and I think the SMD LEDs work for both.

They are virtually invisible mounted under the wing when not in use. Power is run to them via small enameled wiring that is routed into the fuse top through a pin size hole.

The LEDs are powered by tiny watch batteries in a sleeve of heat shrink.

The switch is from a dollar store clip light and used because of its micro size. I may replace the battery pack with a simple 2mm polarity connector run to the lipo wiring below, but for now this keeps me out of entanglement with the push rods. I also do not have to mess with the stock Lipo wiring which is pretty short on mine.

Wing Retainer Mod
Author: racerx208
Author Email: Racerx208 at RCGroups
Specs: Helps hold wing on instead of just tape
Material Required: Balsa, UHU
Downloads available:
Notes: Instead of just tape, I've added a couple of pieces of balsa to the rear of the fuse top. This retains the wing at the rear. I'll be adding a magnet at the nose to hold the assembly completely closed.