Receiver Mods:

30ma Lipo Battery Mod
Author: RCBilly
Author Email: RCBilly at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts 30ma Lipo mounting
Material Required: 30ma Lipo, connectors
Downloads available:
Notes: These pics show my simple mods to the Aero Soarer which have really transformed it for me It now not only flys around and does nice figure eights in our living room with ease but it also has greater range for larger areas! The first mod was to add a 30mah lipo in place of the cap. With the connectors and batt the weight increased by 0.1 gram to 3.7 grams. I could get by with thinner wires to reduce weight but with my ham fingers these will last longer! The RX has been turned so that the sensor is now pointing down rather than just to the left to equalize range in turns. I also gently bent the wings so that they have a bit more undercamber for more lift and slower flight.

Blow Rx Transistor Replacement
Author: S15
Author Email: S15 at RCGroups
Specs: Link to Transistor replacement discussion
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: Bown your RX? Heres a fix I found that worked for me....

Build a Lipo Charger for Small Cells
Author: msurguy and beanoman
Author Email: msurguy at RCGroups
Specs: Describes how to build a Lipo charger
Material Required: See description
Downloads available:
Notes: This was a tag team effort combining various posts between the two authors. Here is what they have to say about building this great charger:

The complete charger is made only from the following parts:

LED (to monitor charging state, it shuts down when charge is complete)
330 - 470 Ohm resistor for the led
LTC4054L chip
1uf Capacitor
Resistor for setting the charging current (see below)

There is a formula somewhere in the LTC4054L datasheet to calculate resistor values. Use it to calculate the value needed, but here is the list of my calclulations

10 mah - 15K
20 mah - 7.5 K (33K+10K in parallel)
30 mah - 5 K (15K+33K+10K in parallel)
40 mah - 3.75 K (15K + 4.7K in parallel)
50 mah - 3 K (2.7K + 330 Ohm in series)
70 mah - 2.2 K
80 mah -1.875 K (2.2K+10K in Parallel)
90 mah - 1.666 K (10K + 2 K in Parallel)
100 mah - 1.5 K (4.7K + 2.2 K in Parallel)
130 mah - 1.2K (3K +2K in parallel)
140 mah - 1.1 K
150 mah - 1K

I used a DIP 16 position switch to switch between currents.

There are two sources for that chip, Koichi Tanaka's e-shop ( or website. (

It is a SMD part, so will require some soldering experience... after that, its just a cap, resistor, and led plus a resistor for each current setting you want. It will do any rate from 10 to 150 mA depending on the current setting resistor.

BTW, I made one with my beastly iron- $10 100 watt gun with a 4mm wide tip.. but, lemme say I have a good bit of experience with it

I assembled one with selectable 10-150 mah settings, mine is plugged into USB port for convenient charge...

There is another chip that charges batteries up to 800mah the LTC4054-4.2

Remember, the LTC4054L-4.2 and LTC4054-4.2 are different chips !

Lipo Battery Connector Add-on
Author: charlelombos
Author Email: charlelombos at RCGroups
Specs: Allows Lipo connection
Material Required: Crimp connectors
Downloads available:
Notes: Here's a pic of the RX with the female connectors(dont know the exact name). I've removed the the side where you crimp the wire to(since you dont need it) then solder the remaining half to the pcb. once soldered, i heatshrinked the exposed connector to avoid a short circuit.

Lipo Battery Connector Add-on Magnetic
Author: msurguy
Author Email: msurguy at RCGroups
Specs: Allows Lipo to connect to plane
Material Required: magnetic connectors
Downloads available:
Notes: This is my aerosoarer with 30mah LiPo (magnetic connectors)

Lipo Battery Monitor Add-on
Author: msurguy
Author Email: msurguy at RCGroups
Specs: Monitors Lipo battery
Material Required: TCM809T 3 leg SOIC chip, 100 ohm resistor
Downloads available:
Notes: The battery monitor is a TCM809T 3 leg SOIC chip with 100 Ohm resistor and blue SMD LED attached in series, the monitor connects via headphone wire to aerosoarer's pads that were used to charge the capacitor. The battery monitor - around 90mg The plane with my setup- around 3.7 gr

Lipo Discussion
Author: micro builder,Del,RNAF, plus others
Author Email: Various
Specs: Discussion about Lipo Usage
Material Required: 10-50ma Lipo
Downloads available:
Notes: The following is a compiled list of info contributed by a number of authors. It lists various aspects of Lipo usage in the AeroSoarer. Thanks to all that contributed.

Poor Man's 30mah bahoma lipo conversion
Author: Robster
Author Email: Robster at RCGroups
Specs: Connector Mod
Material Required: paper clip
Downloads available:
Notes: I didnít want to order new parts for a lipo conversion, since I have some 30mah bahoma cells and a Plantraco transmitter/charger on hand. So I came up with this poor manís bahoma battery mod.

I hacked up a little connector made out of wire from an Aeroace throttle spring (paper clip wire works also, but I didnít have one handy) and a piece of toothpick CAíd together. Soldered it with some extension wire to the receiver noting the polarity. I notched the plastic rings shrouding the magnets of the bahoma such that the connector can only go on one way, thus idiot proofing it so that it canít go on backwards and fry the works. The metal pieces stick very well to the bahoma magnets and I have not expierenced any glitching.

Iím getting nice long smooth flights. WOW am I happy .

Rx Board Cutback 1
Author: Pouncer
Author Email: Pouncer at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts saving weight by removing charge tabs
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: A close up of a cut back receiver. As I mentioned no ill effects, I just took a deep breath and hoped for the best. The weight saving isn't astronomical, but it's something.

Rx Board Cutback 2
Author: Megabyte-2
Author Email: Megabyte-2 at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts "safe zone" for removing charge tabs
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: The attached picture shows the tab cut line on the AeroSoarer Rx. Note the code number on the Rx. Some are different. You can see the trace on the other side showing through as a dark area behind the H1 marking on the PCB. Be sure to leave that trace. Thanks to Epic for the pic. If you look at post #501 you can see Nicks "B" has a larger trace shadow below the H1 marking. I don't have a "B" to determine the safe cut line. The lower insert on the picture shows the yellow cut line thats safe for that style board.

Rx Board Cutback 3 (with jumpers)
Author: Megabyte-2
Author Email: Megabyte-2 at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts "safe zone" for removing charge tabs from "A" board requiring jumpers
Material Required: Wire
Downloads available:
Notes: This is just for the Red since the Blue seem to have a different board layout. You need to add 2 jumpers as the traces will be cut. But the final Rx weight is .27gm with the battery pins. The jumpers are from 30ga magnet wire. It can handle 477ma. Since we only hit abt 250ma, no problem. They could be a little finer. Might shoot for a .20gm Rx later. There is still about 1/16" that can be removed if very careful.

The first pic is showing the original safe cut line and the new cut line.
The next 2 pics show where to put the jumpers. One on each side.

Rx Board Differences
Author: micro_builder
Author Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts Rx "blue" board design
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: i've got the blue version AS, so i checked the JP2 pads and mine are not bridged either. oddly, mine arent even labeled, and the layout of the components and traces arent the same either. i took a couple pics to show the differences.

Rx Board Differences 2
Author: Megabyte-2
Author Email: Megabyte-2 at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts Rx board design differences
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: I did some cut, paste and enhance on Epic's "A" (I think), it's exactly like my "A". There is a difference in layout and board number between the "A" & "B" shown.
Look at the shadow behind Epic's H1 and Nick's. The shadow is very different when held to the light from traces on the reverse side. E CAREFUL on the tab trimming!

Rx Circuit Board Close Ups
Author: epicdoom
Author Email: epicdoom at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts Rx circuit board connection points
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: Thanks Epic for the excellent pictures!

Step by Step: How to add a 20ma Lipo
Author: del
Author Email: del at RCGroups
Specs: Step by Step pictoral on how to replace the cap
Material Required: 20ma lipo
Downloads available:
Notes: Because there was a request, and because I was fixin' to do one anyway, here's a brief tutorial on how to convert an Aero Soarer from a capacitor to a 20 mAh Full River Li Poly.

Step by Step: How to add a 50ma Lipo
Author: jas_Qfix
Author Email: None
Specs: Step by Step pictoral on how to replace the cap
Material Required: 50ma lipo
Downloads available:
Notes: 1. Remove the 1.1gm cap, label the cap's terminals and store away.
2. Open up a PiccoZ and retrieve the 50mAH Lipo or get it else where. Was told 50mAH Lipo weighs 1.67gm. Remove the tiny LVC from the LiPo.
3. Add a single pin socket on the Lipo's -ve terminal and also add a short 1.2cm black wire. This socket will be used as your charging port.
4. Add a 2.0cm red wire to the +ve terminal and solder a single pin on the other end of the red wire. This pin will be used as both as your charging port and also as your main On/Off switch.
5. Add a short 2.0cm orange wire to the AS's Rx +ve power contact and solder the other end of the orange wire to another single pin socket. Tape down this orange wire socket to the body of the Lipo. See picture.
6. Solder the black wire from the Lipo to the Rx -ve power contact.
7. Mount the Lipo in the AS's canopy EPP frame. Tape it down.
8. The Lipo's -ve socket and the Lipo +ve red wire pin are your Charging Port.
9. The red wire pin and the orange socket is your main Power Switch.
10. Since I like a constant left turn of about 10 feet diameter, I added a small piece of scotch tape on the rudder. You might not want to have this mod.
11. I am using my BladeRunner Tx as my Lipo charger. Seems to charge the 50mAH Lipo well.
12. To increase the IR range, I also added two IR LEDs on the AS's Tx. They were snatched from the PiZ's Tx.