Hop-ups - Motor Replacement Mods::

Prop Bonding
Author: micro_builder
Author Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: Depicts Tractor Conversion of Aerosoar gearbox
Material Required: Glue
Downloads available:
Notes: Here's a pic of one of my AS gearboxes that I converted to a tractor configuration. If you've got some strong glue - anything other than CA - its a pretty quick and easy job. I just cut the D tabs off the prop and gear, then flipped the prop around and glued it directly to the gear. a thick glue works best so it doesnt wick itself onto the metal shaft (i used epoxy, worked great). this makes mounting much easier, and you can go with non-pusher type planes.

One other thing I did with this gearbox was swap the stock short can 4mm motor out with a piccoz/havoc heli long can 4mm tail motor. This gives a real nice boost in power with minimal weight gain.

Propeller Disassembly
Author: RNAF
Author Email: RNAF at RCGroups
Specs: None
Material Required: None
Downloads available:
Notes: RNAF describes what he did to get the gearbox assembly apart. Here is how he did it:

"I really wanted to make another plane, a scale one. I actually had been thinking of the plane I have in mind since I ordered my first Aero Soarer, so after a succesful lipo conversion I flew one hour and decided to take the chance and hack it. The plane I want to fly is tractor configured, not pusher. Ever since I had my Aero Soarer I kind of had an idea on how to remove the prop and gearing (see the pictures). The propulsion is really basic - just a nail on which the prop and gear is slided and then pushed into the plastic part. So, removing is just holding your nails over the nail with one hand and with the other hold your nails over the plastic part and then strongly pull them apart. Long(er) nails are recommended. "

Pusher to Tractor Mod
Author: Woodbutcher
Author Email: Woodbutcher at RCGroups
Specs: None
Material Required: Dremel, Pen liner
Downloads available:
Notes: I probably did this the hard way, but it works nicely. I cut off the stepped part of the original prop, turned it around and used a Dremel to cut a similar half-step on the other side of the hub. I got a short piece of ball-point pen inner tubing, and cut it so that it has a matching half-step at each end, and a spacer section in the middle for prop clearance.

Hopefully the photo shows better than I can explain it.

I didn't use any glue after reading about experiences earlier in the thread

The white spacer on my setup has a step cut on each end, which means it won't let the prop or the gear slip. You can only really see the step on the gear end in the pic.

The thing to watch is the clearance of the prop blades from the motor pinion when you turn the prop around. I had to extend the cut-out in the prop a bit, and move the motor back in its mount a little.

Pusher to Tractor Mod 2
Author: epicdoom
Author Email: epicdoom at RCGroups
Specs: None
Material Required: Wire
Downloads available:
Notes: Here is epic's method of prop securing. Here is what he has to say about removing the pin on the gear assembly:

"It is fairly easy to remove the Pin the prop spins on, it is a press fit to reinstall. When you reassemble it the pin goes in and almost feels like it snaps into place even though there isn't a bossed area on the pin for that. Be careful that you dont snap the gear pulling it apart, havent done that yet but I am always fearful I might, also make sure you do it over your work bench as when the pin comes out the parts go flying."