Futuristic Plans:

Flying Fender Champ
Designer: micro_builder
Designer Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: Flying Cube
Material Required: 1/16th balsa and tissue paper
Downloads available:
Notes: In the foamies scratch build forum there was a thread on flying guitars. amps and other music instruments came up as well, so i thought i'd give a flying amplifier a try.

i've built a ton of AA powered cubes, but this is the first one that i got to work with a single motor and rudder. i tried using the AS gearbox but it didnt seem to have the oomph. it now has an AA bipe motor and prop, 50mah lipo and my own coil/magnet. size is 6.5 x 4.5 x 5 inches, AUW is 7.4 grams, 30 square inches of "wing area" total on the top and bottom, wingloading is nice at 1.25oz sq ft / .24g sq in - almost in the LRF realm.

The graphics are printed tissue of a 1975 Fender Champ. the AS RX is quite a work horse, I wound the coil quite hot and it seems to have no problem powering it. 6mm motors seem to be of no problem either. i may add some flaperons to the trailing edge, and connect them to the rudder so that when i turn i get a bit of elevator too. she leans pretty hard in a corner and will loose altitude, but that should help even it out some.

With the extra IR LEDs i added, daytime flying is almost possible - almost. the last clip in the video is me walking behind, while controlling it, and taping it as its flying, not an easy task! Its almost slow enough for in the house though, with the flapperons, it might just be a rainy day flyer.

A 50mah lipo is as big as you'll want to go. any larger and it'll end up being too fast. i never timed my flights, but i'd have to imagine you'd get over 10 minutes of flight time with the 50mah.

Super Square
Designer: bas10an
Designer Email: base10an at RCGroups
Specs: 24cm WS, 2.4g AUW
Material Required: 2mm Depron, grocery bag covering
Downloads available:
Notes: Stock AS gear, charge tab cut for light weight.
Picooz prop.
2 mm depron frame, brittle yes, but very light, wont break as easy as it seems.
Grocery bag covering.
10 mah lipo, 2 mm magnet connector directly on batt tabs.
WS 24 cm.
AUW 2.4 g.
Flies super smooth and slow, requires more space than my livingroom.

CG adjustment is pretty easy: everything goes as far front as possible.
Dont try mounting the covering on top, it wont work, it has to go on the underside, you need the negative airfoil from the frame to stabilize it, I know it sounds crazy but believe me, I have dozens of weirdo micro planes that I have build so I know from trial and error.