Beyond Art and Imagination Plans:

Designer: micro_builder
Designer Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: 4.8g AUW
Material Required: Balsa
Downloads available:
Notes: The Lame Duck (by RolfPW). I modified the plans a bit, increasing the leangth of the front wing, and adding an extention to the body to mount the motor.

It seems almost too fast for the house though, she weighs 4.8 grams. i could've saved a lot of weight if i had done s&t wings instead, but i was feeling lazy. she does fly though.
The motor is from a piccoz, so its the long can 4mm, with a piccoz prop, the AS's RX of course, 20mah lipo, and my own actuator (i finally broke the stock AS act!). odd looking little bird to say the least, but it kinda grows on me.