Beyond Art and Imagination Plans:

Bald Eagle
Designer: Astrodavid
Designer Email: Astrodavid at RCGroups
Specs: 21 inches WS,21g AUW
Material Required: Depron 2 and 3 mm
Downloads available:
Notes: I built a profile Bald Eagle using AA/X-twin components, and it is a great flyer!
The wingspan is 21 inches and weight 21 grams.

Bubble Mod
Designer: lukibob
Designer Email: lukibob at RCGroups
Specs: Bubble Trails for you AA!!
Material Required: Ring from a Key Chain
Downloads available:
Notes: Here is lukibob's Bubble mod. The ring is a from a key chain, the spiral wound ones that come on free keychains. It has to hang down so you can dip it in a small cup. Luki says the hard part is keeping everything else from getting all soapy!

Hoop Skirt
Designer: micro_builder
Designer Email: Micro_Builder at RCGroups
Specs: 24g AUW
Material Required: Balsa and tissue paper
Downloads available:
Notes: The hoop is 10 inches in diameter, total leangth is 18 inches, empty weight was just under 14 grams, so my AUW should be around 24(grams).

It glides amazingly well, much slower than I was expecting, seemed very stable as well. I gave it some throttle after seeing that it was stable enough to fly and it cruised nice and straight, but steering response seemed quite sluggish. The long tail moment and huge rudders are probably playing a big role there, so I'll probably cut the rudders down some.

Lame Duck
Designer: RolfPW
Designer Email: RolfPW at RCGroups
Specs: 288mm wingspan, 13.56g AUW
Material Required: 2mm Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: Can be printed on a DIN A4 sheet, it fits perfecly.

Pizza Box Flyer
Designer: Leadfeather
Designer Email: Leadfeather at RCGroups
Specs: 14.7g AUW
Material Required: 3mm EPP
Downloads available:
Notes: A great indoor flyer from Leadfeather. The plan prints on two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. Check out the plan for build notes.

Platz Pelican
Designer: sci fighter
Designer Email: sci fighter at RCGroups
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Depron 3 mm,EPP 9mm and 2mm
Downloads available:
Notes: The power and control are directly taken from the Silverlit Aero Ace or X-twin plane.
The fuselage was made from 9 mm EPP while the wings are made from 3 mm depron.
The 2 stabilizer flaps attached on both sides on the lower wing are made with 2mm EPP.
The EPP was chosen to withstand knocks and crashes

Designer: StephanB
Designer Email: StephanB at RCGroups
Specs: 550mm wing span, 245mm length
Material Required: Depron, EPP
Downloads available:
Notes: The author has a really great web site! Decals also available for the x-falcon.
Many more designs and videos available at the
authors site: